Titanium rings from South Africa

Manufacturers in South Africa

Most jewellers in South Africa do not manufacture their own titanium rings  or stainless steel rings. There are only a few jewellery manufacturers who work raw titanium into rings and bangles and other jewellery

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There are several wholesalers of titanium wedding rings who import titanium rings – mostly from China. These rings are good quality and extremely well priced. They are mass produced and unfortunately do not come in very many styles or designs. Our floating diamond engagement ring is very special.

Titanium and red and yellow gold ring


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Whilst many people will buy on price only, the majority of men looking to buy men’s wedding rings are looking for something special– lets face it – who want to wear a titanium wedding band that is worn by every second man? The other problem with imported titanium rings is that they come in limited sizes. If you are looking for a smaller size – or a half size, it is unlikely that you will find a ring to fit you. This is due to the fact that importers of jewelry in South Africa are forced to buy minimum quantities of each size – you can imagine – to import 100 men’s rings in each size and each half size is an expensive exercise – 5200 items – no wholesaler in South Africa will carry that kind of stock.

Titanium wedding ring made in South Africa

Titanium and 9ct red gold ring

And that is for one style! Trilogy Jewellers manufacture most of the custom made items in South Africa. They make up items to order, and deliver within 6 working days. Although they do not deal directly with the public, they supply many retailers around the country with custom made titanium rings and titanium bangles. They have the largest range in the world, and that is not a boast, but fact. Offering some 2500 designs and styles of bands (including a floating diamond rings) there is no single manufacturing company to match them.

Titanium Celtic wedding band

Celtic Titanium ring

When it comes to price on titanium wedding rings South Africa expect to pay – they are not cheap. Putting all their effort into new styles and top service costs money. Being able to deliver a custom band in 6 days anywhere in South Africa has made them one of the leading titanium manufacturing companies in the S.A – not on quantity – but on service and design.



They offer any carat of inlay – platinum inlay bands, gold inlay bands, silver wedding bands – in fact any metal that can be worked is offered – very popular are the palladium inlay wedding bands. They also work with other materials such as wood, and hi-tech composites to get the black titanium look. Best of all – size is not an issue – Z plus 10 may seem like a size that is not sold often – but in South Africa with our “big men” – these large size bands are constantly in demand.

titanium ring with fingerprint engraved

Each item is handmade – one by one – no fancy machines that churn out hundreds of items a day. Each item will be custom engraved and sent off – even though the styles may similar – the fact that they are handmade ensures that, through human hands, each is special.Give us a call – or send us an email – we love to make up different designs. So if you have something special in mind we will take a look. Working in gold is not the same – so we are limited in what we can make up. Send a sketch or drawing, or a photo or picture of what you are looking for. We will get back to you withing a day or so. Best to use the “contact us” button rather than leaving a comment.

14 thoughts on “Titanium rings from South Africa

  1. Teboho

    I need a titanium ring I have a pic of what I want and can have a look of what you guys have where are you located or do you have contact details please?

  2. Jacqueline Lynch

    i would like to find out how much it would cost to get a ring made for my future husband.
    what is the cost to get a finger print engraved inside the ring with my name and wedding date as well?

    these are the designs im interested in:

  3. Linzi Dugmore


    Im looking for a Titanium ring for my husband but he has huge fingers he is a z + 3.
    Do you have any in that size?

    083 565 1557


    1. Admin

      We make the rings – so while we don’t have stock we can make one up. Have a look at http://www.trilogyjewellers.co.za and see if you can find a ring you like and I will quote. Alternatively you can send me a picture of what you like and I will quote. We need about 7 working days to make up. Your email is bouncing – I tried to mail you.

  4. Danielle


    Please can someone contact me. Im looking for a titanium swivel ring for my future husband



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